Clarity Business Advisors was formed in 2009 by Jim Morris. The firm provides services for businesses that want to grow profitably, solve significant business problems, and maximize their return on investment. We understand the problems as well as opportunities that continually arise in business and our team takes creative as well as structured approaches that can lead to successful outcomes with focused and proper analysis, identification, understanding, and implementation.

We work very closely with company owners and top leadership when circumstances require objective expert assistance in solving the highly challenging problems that inevitably come with either a growing or a struggling company. We understand the competitive business world, people, and process optimization necessary to ensure financial strength and market competitiveness for businesses.

With more than 25 years of diverse top level P&L experience and problem solving, we believe there is a solution to every problem and that order can be made out of chaos. At Clarity Business Advisors, we have the know how, experience, and mind set to help your company be a top competitor in its’ business arena. We understand true value and that is our focus.  We offer experience based solutions that improve your business performance.


“There are three constants in life: Change, Choice, and Principles.”
Steven Covey