Business Success Is Not Random

Business Success Is Intentional

Business success is not a random experience or state of being.  For those business leaders that are not enjoying superior results whether in a post startup phase or in a well-established company with a track record, business success is intentional in thought, discipline, and execution of ideas using defined and proven principles.

These principles begin with the customer and marketing so that the necessary attainment of new customers and added business from existing customers continues to take place.  To assume that a marketing plan and sales effort will get your business the number and kind of customers you want is a false assumption.  What Is the basis of your marketing plan?  Is your plan based on factual quantifiable principles or the pre-conceptions of traditional marketing thought?  If you follow traditional marketing thinking, then you should expect traditional results at best.  This won’t help you in a competitive marketplace.

There is no magic to ensure success but there are easily understood principles that can be applied to establish where a company is in its’ marketplace and how the company’s position can be improved on a continual basis.  Staying the same is not an option in business.  Business owners and business leaders have the choice of improving continually using proven principles in all functional disciplines.

If intentional and dramatic creativity isn’t part of the execution of your success principles, you’re probably doing what your competition is doing.  Where will that get you?  Creativity for the sake of creativity isn’t worth much.  It has to be focused in business with an intentional basis using proven principles.   Contact me if you realize the need to improve your organization’s financial and marketplace position and potential.

“Willingness to change is a strength.  Just make sure you change with the help from someone with experience.”

Jack Welch


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  • EJ Zeidler says:

    So true. Many times outsiders think the success is effortless, but there is a ton of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. I’ve seen you pull of this kind off “magic” for several companies, so I know you walk your talk, Jim. Your clients are fortunate to have you on board.

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