Leadership and People

Are leaders born or made?  That is a very commonly discussed topic in business and psychology.  My experience and belief is that people either do or don’t have a predisposition to lead.  In observing the behavior of very young children one can identify personalities and actions that indicate a child has a disposition to lead, think, and do with their own initiative or follow the activities taking place most or all of the time.  That said, people mature in their thinking and beliefs and I do believe leadership can be learned provided the desire and motivation exists.  So the right answer depends on the individual person.

You hired and have in your organization some number of people that are intended to be strong leaders of people, activities, or both.  The real question is:  “Are my people producing the results that are needed in the business?”  After all, people make things happen and the results are good, bad, or mediocre.  If you’re the owner or leader of a company, the results you experience are due to many things with the quality of leadership in your organization being a very significant element.

In my own experience of leading and working with people all over the country and in many parts of the world, I’ve formed a very fundamental but crucial belief concerning people and business.  That belief is:  “Every company has the right to possess superior intellectual capital.”  To compete and thrive in business, intellectual capital (a group of people with the intellectual ability and characteristics to produce desired results) needs to be superior to your competitions’ or at a high enough level to produce desired and needed business results.

If you feel that your leaders might need a new perspective, need the knowledge to lead more effectively, or just need an unbiased mentor, give me a call and we can lead to increase your organizations’ capabilities and results.


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you’re a leader”   John Quincy Adams


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