Lessons in Change

Market conditions are extremely challenging for many companies right now and certainly with no help from the current state of the economy.  Perhaps too many companies are fighting for survival because they haven’t adapted and changed to meet today’s challenges.  If you’re just now changing to meet today’s challenges, it can be difficult but it can be done successfully.  Technology alone has increased the rate at which organizations must change, adapt, and preferably lead the way in their market space.  Kodak is perhaps an extreme example of what can happen when it gets “a little too late to change”.

Many business owners and CEO’s are lamenting the numbers on their balance sheets and P & L statements.  There’s no question this economy is challenging to countless companies but the why, what, how questions need to be answered quickly by many leaders and owners.  Time is not always on our side but help is always available.  Perhaps you built a company and find it stalled out or the sails hanging limply on the mast with no wind in them.  Why did this happen to my organization?  What do I need to change to get back on track or to dominate a market?  How am I going to do it?

If you find yourself, as a leader, asking these questions, there’s a way to move beyond the “wondering what’s going on and how to” stage.  I’ve always surrounded myself with a few people and acquaintances that I trusted to deal with facts, give an unbiased analysis of my situation, and help me deal with the inevitable but accurately defined changes needed in an unbiased manner.  They helped me execute change to ensure it was done in the easiest, most efficient and effective manner possible.

I very much prefer to think ahead to anticipate these difficult periods in business but that’s not always where we find ourselves.  Don’t let uncertainty block opportunity!  I can help your company find an objective perspective and clear definition of its current status.  I offer practical solutions and assist in vetting crucial strategic decisions to ensure your success.  Give me a call to maximize your business potential.

“Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.”

                                                            Bertoldt Brecht


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