This is a partial list of the services we can provide based on direct experience with successful results. With over 25 years of competitive business experience, contact Jim Morris and, together, we can determine the best course of direction in addressing your problems and opportunities. The services we provide can extend and supplement the capabilities of existing management with an unbiased independent perspective. We can help with an independent review for planning purposes or facilitate ideas based on a wide spectrum of experience in business.

Profit Improvement

Developing and executing margin and profit improvement plans in order to realize the highest potential Return on Investment.

Revenue Enhancement

If your revenue needs to grow and you feel stalled out, there are many ways to make improvements while growing the top and bottom lines by utilizing someone with new and different ideas.  Your company may need to enter new business space and we can facilitate this through Blue Ocean strategies and creative unbiased thinking.

Interim Management

There are unexpected occasions when a key member of management leaves and the gap needs to filled quickly. An event may occur where an unbiased objective business expert is needed on short notice.  I can fill the leadership gap with confidentiality and a high-energy short-term commitment that allows your company to continue on without costly disruption and a long term commitment.

Business and Manufacturing Process Control

We can define existing processes then create optimal processes for lower costs through Lean techniques that will improve throughput, and eliminate waste.  Many businesses don’t have their processes defined so opportunities for improvement and lower costs are abundant.   

Turnaround Management

Is your company experiencing a business and financial crisis?  Is it over-whelming for your business or management and putting the future of the business existence at risk?  We provide interim and fully experienced turnaround leadership.  Jim Morris has personally led in very challenging turnaround situations and negotiated with lending institutions for more favorable terms and lines of credit.  We provide full restructuring advice when conditions are difficult with lenders, vendors, and customers.  In these situations, time and experience are of the essence.

Acquisition and Merger Advice

We are uniquely qualified to identify, and conduct acquisition and merger due diligence offering an unbiased experienced based opinion.  Having led through several acquisitions and mergers we offer insights that ensure financial success while lowering overall risk.  What you don’t know when acquiring can be costly. 

Marketing Evaluation and Improvement

What is your company’s real brand?  Is it what you want it to be?  Is your company seen in the marketplace in the most favorable light?  Are customers attracted to your business to your satisfaction?  We can provide marketing advice and execution that will improve and provide your company with the kind of visibility it needs to grow and compete effectively.

Competitive intelligence

Do you know your competition well enough?  How can you ethically exploit your competition’s weaknesses?  Do you know your weaknesses?  How can your competition exploit your weaknesses?  How can you exploit your strengths?  How can you develop countermeasures to protect your organizations’ intellectual property, processes, and competitive advantage?  This is a very crucial element of doing business that is most frequently overlooked yet can provide very substantial value added planning and returns if analyzed and executed well.  We have first hand experience in both exploiting and protecting in extremely competitive business environments.  Being second place or lower in a market means there is opportunity that can and should be captured.

Preparation to Sell and Private Equity Financing

Can your business be sold in its’ current state?  What needs to improve to make the business attractive to a buyer?  Is the value of your company what it should or can be?   We offer change and improvement implementation services as well as assist with access to Private Equity on the sell side.

Leadership Training, Mentoring, and Consultation

Is existing leadership effective?  How does it need to change?  Do you have high potential people that need leadership training and mentoring to accelerate their promotion capabilities?  We are able to provide personal mentoring and personal or group training for more effective leadership and better results.  The best investment you can make may be in yourself and your people. 

Process Evaluation and Control

Are your production and business processes in control and optimal?  How do you know?  We evaluate processes and offer recommendations on eliminating waste, streamlining operations, and removing cost from your company through Lean and Continuous Improvement techniques.

Strategic Planning

What are the future plans for your company?  What would you like to accomplish three to five years from now? Do you have a plan?  We are able to assist you in formatting and writing a strategic plan for your business to take it to the next level and beyond.  We will then work with you to make sure the plan is realistic yet challenging then help you execute each element of a solid plan.  A failure to plan is a plan to fail.  Don’t underestimate the value of a well thought out strategic plan.  An unbiased look at your business can ensure your plan is realistic and attainable.  Jim has created, presented, and executed complex strategic plans that have dramatically improved and grown companies profitably.  Well thought out and well executed strategic plans can provide results far beyond current expectations.  Exploit your investment to its’ potential with this type of planning.

Public Speaking

Jim Morris is available for keynote address and public speaking about a wide range of business topics based on his successful top level leadership experience. He is a thought leader when it comes to motivational speaking and can hold an audience's attention on leadership topics concerning leadership improvement and how to get things done better for those that lead people. He has a track record of holding the attention of his audience and enjoys sharing his experiences in how he has succeeded in business for the benefit of others with whom he works.

“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different”

Roger von Oech